Healthy Eating

Health and Wellbeing form a significant part of the Ysgol Sant Baruc curriculum and, as evidenced by Welsh Government’s commitment to healthy and nutritious diets for all, is a national priority. 

Free School Meals

From September 2022, some of the youngest children in Ysgol Sant Baruc will receive free school meals, as the policy is introduced in a phased way. Until such time as Free School Meals are available to all ages, meal costs are set at £2.45 per day, and should be paid via the ParentPay system. 

Children in families that receive benefit payments may also qualify for a Free School Meal, funded by the Local Authority.

You’ll find the full criteria and an application form here: Apply Now

School Standards

Thanks to the School Standards and Organisation (Wales) Act 2013, local authorities must provide free breakfasts for primary school children in Wales. 

The free breakfasts have to follow the nutritional standards and requirements set out in the Regulations mentioned above.