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School Leadership

Working alongside School Leadership, they keep children safe, hold the school to account and make sure educational provision for all pupils is of the highest standard possible. 

These partnerships are meaningful and constructive, forged for the good of the school community.

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Governing Body

Governors are volunteer members of the wider community who work closely with the Headteacher and staff. Their role is to hold school leaders to account for the wellbeing and progress of its pupils. 

Ysgol Sant Baruc's Governors sit on "The Governing Body" or "Board of Governors" – a combination of teaching staff, parents, local politicians and skilled professionals.

The governing body helps oversee the school framework, while the Headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management. 

Our Governors will

1. Ensure clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction

2. Hold executive leadership to account for the educational performance of Ysgol Sant Baruc and its pupils, and the effective and efficient performance management of staff

3. Oversee financial performance, and make sure money is well spent

Our Governors won’t

1. Be a conduit for complaints 

2. Speak on behalf of parents 

Who’s who?

To better understand the role of a School Governor and the wider Governing Body, see here: