The role of the senior leadership team is to collaborate so that we all keep moving forward. Senior leadership evaluates and assesses the school against an annual improvement plan. Alongside this strategic responsibility, they have managerial responsibility to ensure staff have the conditions, motivation and opportunity to work to the best of their ability.

A talented, dedicated collection of professionals, Ysgol Sant Baruc’s teachers hail from virtually every corner of Wales, and hold the children’s interest at the core of all they do. On top of teaching classes, they contribute to the many extra-curricular opportunities provided to the children.

Close collaboration with the class teacher to support the learning that happens in the classroom – that’s the role of the teaching assistant. This might mean working with children in small groups or individually. It might also mean delivering a bespoke intervention to tackle any difficulties as early as possible. A Higher Level Teaching Assistant has the scope to take responsibility for a whole class in the teacher’s absence. Their contribution is hard to measure on paper – they are incredibly observant, often noticing and addressing complexities. They are protective and proud of the children in their care, maintaining excellent relationships with them. They give of themselves day in, and day out for the children.