Our attitudes and aspirations reflect our ethos

Our values are the core principles that define our thinking and our behaviour.

Imagine you are on Barry Island. You buy an Ysgol Sant Baruc stick of rock and snap it in half. What would it say? What would be the message fused to the glistening shards of sugary, sticky rock?

You would find three simple words that permeate our practise:

Believe • Achieve • Succeed

These are the values that are important to us; to the way we live, and the way we work.

ethos_to fail - to live.svg
To risk, to fail, to learn – to live

All children are encouraged to have high expectations for themselves, while the positive working relationship between teachers and children allows them to risk, to fail, to learn – to live. 

At our school, staff love to teach and they like being with children. They also love to learn. Leaders and staff work with each other to set goals for professional development. Staff have set and maintained a professional learning culture which ensures continued growth. 

At Ysgol Sant Baruc, we move forward, together for the children’s sake. 

But don’t just take our word for it

This is what Estyn – the education and training inspectorate for Wales – said, following our most recent school inspection:

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"The school’s caring and supportive ethos ensures an effective learning environment. This is supported by respect and a very positive working relationship between adults and pupils, which leads to very good behaviour both inside and outside lessons. Leaders set high expectations for themselves, staff and pupils. The headteacher has a very clear vision to ensure that pupils achieve high standards within a homely and Welsh environment."