Croeso to Ysgol Sant Baruc
Croeso to Ysgol Sant Baruc
Croeso to Ysgol Sant Baruc
Croeso to Ysgol Sant Baruc

A new chapter in a new location – a welsh-medium primary school in a state of exciting growth, building on more than half a century of heritage


This town, once a harbour for the world, is growing at a rate of knots. The waterfront has been transformed from docks and water to bricks and mortar; hundreds of houses for thousands of people.

And at the heart of this growth is where you’ll find us: a caring, close-knit, mam’s-cardigan of a community, Welsh-medium school doubling in number to over 400 pupils over the course of the next decade.

Our campus is brand new, our area is being regenerated, but our mission is as old as the sea and the sand itself: to share the joy of the Welsh language with generation after generation.

Good Values, Good People: Believe, Achieve, Succeed


At our school, we value effort. We think that having a go is an outcome all by itself – one that deserves praise. The magic of trying is that, in turn, it strengthens belief.


At Ysgol Sant Baruc, we know that success comes from continued effort, practice and refinement. From the coastline we enjoy, to the town where we live – none of it appeared overnight. 
It was all formed over time - a long, long time - by wave after wave after wave, or by one brick placed carefully on top of another.

Curriculum Overview


Language and Literacy

We believe that the ability to listen, speak, read and write well opens the door to life-long opportunity and fulfilment.
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Mathematics and Numeracy .svg

Mathematics and Numeracy

Mathematics and Numeracy are at the heart of how the world works. It’s a broad discipline, incorporating the abstract and the everyday.
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Science and Technology

This crucial area of the curriculum is increasingly relevant for the lives our young people lead right now, and in the future.
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We can’t belong without knowing what – and who – we belong to. Humanities is all about evaluating the past, protecting our future, and the way we live in our present.
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Health and Wellbeing

Life is made up of opportunities and challenges. The capacity to navigate life’s ups and downs is a cornerstone of health and wellbeing, it’s the key to a good quality of life.
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Expressive Arts

The Land of our Fathers (and mothers!) is home to bards, artists and performers – it’s little wonder that Wales is known as the land of song.
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A Campus for the Community

Our two-storey, community-focussed campus building includes 14 classrooms, full nursery provision, and two main halls. Site-wide, high-speed WiFi is standard. Many of our facilities are available for hire to educational groups and to the wider community.

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